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Looking for a cost-effective measure to express your design needs? On a budget or in a time-crunch? There is a solution for you!

Small-Medium Business

NRG11 thrives on being an effective communicator, delivering quick turnarounds on custom-tailored designs. This company prides itself on being cost-effective, yet personable, engaged, and passionate about design.


NRG11 is skilled in maintaining a professional relationship and keeping in mind branding assurance. Familiarity with B2B roadmaps and project management formats further allows for optimal time management.

NRG11 maintains an up-to-date status using the most current offerings from Adobe Creative Cloud. Utilizing this software via the latest in computing hardware is just as critical. In addition, ensuring all data is secured, both on and offsite, is paramount.

About me

Jay Jaime


With nearly 20 years of experience as a graphic designer in both the freelance and corporate realms, I’ve honed a diverse skill set that can be taken and utilized anywhere. In the corporate realm, I designed for a digital marketing agency, which focused on web and print collateral for numerous Fortune 500 corporations, ranging from consumer-based material to executive-level presentations. As a result, working under a non-disclosure agreement has limited shareable portfolio content, but pushing the boundaries of corporate branding, while adhering to strict guidelines, showcased my creativity beyond the expectations of our contracts, further continuing valued business relationships. In the freelance realm, I designed for many small businesses and individuals internationally, with content ranging from in-hand print collateral to high-exposure internet-based marketing assets.

My design-language is best summed up with the adage of "less is more". Creating lightweight elements allows the minimalistic design to speak for itself, thus, aptly highlighting the brand and/or product identity. Using the most current tool sets ensures maintaining the most up-to-date trends in design. I relish the idea of organization and flow, which ensures meticulously sorted files for easy access throughout the project, and well after. Whether you’re looking for something for as small as presentation or as intricate as a website—I’m here to help.

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